Welcome. My name is Francine Rose Hirst. I am writing a memoir regarding a period from my past, how it impacted on my life and what drove me forward following the events which occurred during that time. It’s a challenge.

My hope is, when the novel is completed, it will promote optimism among readers. I know, I know, it’s been done before. All jokes aside, if my memoir give others hope through tough times, I will be grateful to have been the influence. My story is no more special than anyone else’s, other than it’s mine.

I allow all the good words to play an active part in my life. Words such as positive, hope, faith, achievement, goal, confidence, security, chocolate and the bright side (there is one!), can be difficult to embrace when life is getting you down or you are distracted by doom and gloom. Hmm…..that’s not sounding very pleasant is it?

Please keep reading…..

Pooh pooh to the yucky/sad/depressing/life sapping/tear jerking/dirty washing/dog shit/excessively hormonal/no chocolate in the house, (I’m digging myself in here, aren’t I?) life stuff, I say. I am happier now than I have ever been, and here goes one hell of a wild ride!

Tra la la la la….. (you have my permission to sing along)

All feedback is more than welcome on my short stories and poetry. Writing the short stories and random pieces of poetry give me bursts of self satisfaction. I’m selfish like that.

I intend to keep you (irregularly) posted on how the memoir writing process unfolds, and the effect (or non effect) it has on me, as I confront and document my past. I certainly don’t take myself too seriously, and cannot function if I don’t have a giggle at least once a day. No, really, I could laugh all day, but my children may put me away.


Heading for the hills to relax, and breathe in the fresh scent of woodsmoke and manure. Writer’s own photo.

Everyone likes the smell of manure…..right? One of the manure making machines below…

Cheeky Cow. Writer’s own photo.

I swear this cow had something important to say to me as I was making my way through the herd. (whom by the way, didn’t see any reason on earth why they should hurry along and move off the road) So I stopped the car and waited….and waited…and waited. At long last I heard a loud “Moo!” I was profoundly disturbed by this comment from the cow and told her so. I grabbed my camera and happened to take a shot (for future beef stew reference) just as she laughed at me, with a look suggesting I was a ridiculous human and why walk on 2 legs when 4 is so much better.

Beef stew is lookin’ good!

Thank you, if you decide to tag along.


11 Responses to About

  1. Gray Dawster says:

    I didn’t know that your website was WordPress orientated,
    but now that I do I will add you to my own Space, it is a private
    one but there might be something of interest for you there. If
    you click on my profile you could rap on the gates, of course I
    will allow you access as soon as possible Francine, but failing
    that I could try and send you an invitation.

    Have a fun weekend my friend, and keep writing…



  2. Gray Dawster says:

    I have managed to send you an invite Francine
    and have added you to ‘My Knaves’, that is just
    the name of my blogroll 🙂 lol

    Hope to see you soon…



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  4. LivingPeace says:

    Yay I’m definite tagging along, as long as I have your permission that is! 😉
    I did already sing along too 😛

    Loving your about page and I am intrigued to see more from You. Love another member to the community.
    Happy writing 🙂

    Lucy. Peace

    Liked by 1 person

  5. roberthorvat says:

    Thank you for following my blog Francine. I’ve just put two and two together and realised we follow each other on Google+ too. I’ll make sure I stop by to visit and read your blog.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Robert. Thank you. I don’t post here very often. As with all things, life gets in the way. I look forward to reading more of the articles you’ve written. The topics are interesting and your writing flows beautifully! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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