Spring’s Bleeding Heart

Spring evokes excitement.
I smell Spring.
I breathe Spring.

And yet.

Spring evokes sadness.
I remember good times.
I cry.

Spring evokes haunting.
Carefree days.
City lights at night.

Spring evokes life.
I watch as an outsider.
A hidden being.

Spring evokes love.
Too much.
I hurt.

Spring evokes passion.
Let me be.

Spring evokes hope.
It has no right.
Set me free.

Spring evokes kisses.
Sweet longing at night.
Mornings alone.

Spring evokes images of you.
Your life.
Shared so freely.

Spring please be over.
I can’t bare it.
Any longer.

My heart bleeds.
Spring’s joy is not mine.
This time.

Bleeding Heart Rose

Writer’s Own Photo

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9 Responses to Spring’s Bleeding Heart

  1. squid says:

    This is very lovely but sad Francine, I feel like giving you a big hug.


  2. Gray Dawster says:

    Those elapsed times swept along with sweet memories attached add a melancholy feel, the hurt locked within and the longing of those times to be rejuvenated is strong, and yet one must set aside those feelings and move on…

    A very nice piece of writing Francine, and I love the rose image my sweet friend.



  3. My Scarlet Room says:

    Reblogged this on Inked Words by A. J. Bell and commented:
    So many emotions awakened with these beautiful words


  4. My Scarlet Room says:

    So much sadness and beauty combined.


  5. Oh my God. This poem is heart-wrenching, Fran. It brought tears to my eyes. There is beauty in sad things.

    Liked by 1 person

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