Feel sorrow of those behind closed doors
A secret garden wilts
Souls engulfed by fearce remorse
Hidden beneath throes of guilt.

Feel emptiness in eyes so sad
Shadows upon the mind
No twinkle of light in all that’s mad
Be brave, seek more and find.

Feel victory in the morning sun
Conquered life once more
Be a soldier who has won
A new day to explore.

Feel memories of a broken heart
Let fall, the falling leaves
Gliding down as they depart
Never dwell, once you have grieved.

Feel the fragrance of a rose in bloom
Embrace with all your might
Ward off feelings of solemn gloom
Fight them through the night.

Feel a child’s laughter
Pure innocence and glee
Repel whispers to depart
Live your right, it’s to be free.

Feel warmth whilst all is cold
Let the lighthouse guide you
A life lived by one whose bold
Delights in rainbows bright hues.

Feel strength in wind
Which does bend trees low
Withstand, be tall once more
Be not alone, through life’s cruel storms
But leave an open door.

Feel happiness in your own worth
Be a hero to yourself
Kindness breeds joy on this our earth
Never lose your sense of self.


photo credit: thephotographymuse via photopin cc

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3 Responses to Feel

  1. Gray Dawster says:

    This is an uplifting piece of poetry my friend,
    it offers strength to carry on and to embrace
    the positivity that is life…



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