The Ocean

I wander the streets,
Cold, lonely and grey.
A city of pavements
Crowds step them daily
Past tall soulless buildings,
Entombed in a plight.
No light in this city,
Only shadows in flight.

I think as I wander
Of sun, sand, and rock pools.
A child’s sweet laughter.
Sandcastles, seaweed jewels.
How a bed full of seashells,
Blooming love, smelling pure,
Tickles my senses,
As I walk the sea-shore.

I walk up a hill.
I look down far below.

Over the bar, a high tide.
Waves clear, bluey green.
I hear a child giggle.
I run toward the sound.
My hair in the breeze
Til my toes touch the sand.

I look over my shoulder
To the place I had been.
It was cold, grey and lonely,
Shadows still seen.
A shudder goes through me.
I turn back around.
I take a step forward.
I smile at the ground.

Waves crash the rocks.
I stroll into the sea.
Remembrance of salt water
And times I was free.
Happiness returns,
As I study the swell.
No more cold, no more grey.

My loneliness quelled.

The Ocean

Writer’s own photo.

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2 Responses to The Ocean

  1. Gray Dawster says:

    You have a wonderful way with words Francine, keep up
    the great work that you are doing and feel the rush of energy
    pulsing through your veins, life gets sweeter, believe it…



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