We both are restricted.
It’s not by our want.
Afar from each other
We travel, we jaunt.

Once it was rosy,
Time was so free.
The essence of you,
Was the essence of me.

Your breath on my neck,
Breathless to me.
I wanted you dearly;
I could touch you or flee.

We loved with abandon,
Skin naked, smooth, and rough.
The limit was endless,
Though never enough.

Over time I grew weary,
Of all we endured.
You smelled my forgiveness,
As before I adored,
The love and the tenderness.
Now never, no more.

You come back from the shadows,
To claim me at night;
I melt in your arms,
And hold you so tight.

So where are we now?
We are back to the fore.
I love you more dearly,
Than ever before.

Fire of the Heart

Fire of the Heart

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