Memoir Madness Post 2

Let’s get this party started….

Memoir Madness

In December 2013, I commenced the memoir project in my writing software, including a character list (names may change) and descriptions of the main characters, i.e. personality types including distinctive traits, language, mannerisms and physical makeup.

As a result, I had to take time out and I spent the next 10 days reflecting. Being lazy.

Next up, I sent an email to the Supreme Court of NSW, asking who to contact and/or how to access records from a Supreme Court trial, in which I was the prime witness,                   approximately back in the year 1984.

I truly have forgotten the year.  I know.

I received an email back on the same day (Is that efficiency or are the public servants twiddling their thumbs?), with an attachment.  Yep, you guessed it!  A form!  I have worked with forms for the last 10 years and I’m proud to say, I am Form Master!! (You may call me by this title if it tickles you). This one is a sticky form and yet, I have no fear.

Surprise, surprise; the options in the check boxes do not match up with my request.  So, which box do I tick?  Where is the ‘other’ option?  Is this an evil trick played by our public servants when trying to amuse themselves?  Is sitting in the office making figures out of paper clips no longer fun? Do they get a kick out of this and giggle about it in the lunch room?

Public Servant 1: “Hey dude, guess what I did today?  I emailed a form to a tax payer with no option for her to tick, regarding her enquiry.  Hehe.”

Public Servant 2: “Get outta here!  Did you really?  That is so fricking funny! Good one mate.  Hehe.”  Slaps colleague on the back.

Forms, of course there was a form and no doubt an accompanying fee.  This is what we do as adults. We complete forms and pay fees.  I wasn’t taught this as a child.  Parents can be oh so secretive when it comes to explaining adulthood to their children. “You’ll need money and find a job you’ll enjoy because you will be doing it every day for the rest of your life!”  My parents didn’t warn me about the overabundance of forms. Not unlike a new mother and the milk which….oh, never mind.

The next step in my research is accessing archived newspaper articles. The court case made news in my small town over a number of days.  The Newcastle City Library has the newspapers on microfilm.  I went to the library and searched for 3 hours with no luck.  I don’t remember which month to look in, so I started at the beginning of January 1984.  After 3 hours, I had looked at every daily paper from January to April.  Only 8 months to go. The joy!  Love the street around the corner of the library, full of cafes with delicious foodstuffs.

Christmas has been and gone. I spent a wonderful time with family and friends. It’s 2014 and I welcome the New Year with open arms.

Now…back to my project.  Must try to stop being lazy.


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