Last Night

I had a dream last night. I was looking in a mirror and the wrinkles under my eyes had increased. When I awoke in the morning and was brushing my teeth, I glanced up and looked at my face. All the wrinkles from my dream were, in actual fact, under my eyes. I laughed and laughed and laughed.

I laughed so hard one of my eyeballs fell out and bounced off the basin and onto the floor. As I reached down to pick it up, my cat scooted from behind and tapped the  eyeball with her paw. It rolled under the bathroom cabinet. Still giggling, I knelt down on the hard tiles to retrieve my eyeball. I picked it up and popped it back into the eye socket. Too casually. I had placed it in backwards.

What I saw in my mind, through that one eye, frightened the daylights out of me. I jumped. My other eyeball fell out, ricocheted off the wall and landed in the bath. I stopped laughing and shook my head at the absurdity. The cat stood up and looked over the ledge into the bath, then at me.

The cat meowed, as if to say ‘Now what?’ I started giggling again.

Stooping over, I picked up the eyeball. I turned it’s jelly substance this way and that and popped this one back in place, looking out.

Then I woke up……laughing.

I smiled as my head sunk back into the softness of the pillow.

"Petr Novák,   via Wikimedia Commons

“Petr Novák,
via Wikimedia Commons

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3 Responses to Last Night

  1. dodgysurfer says:

    Funny! Two things occurred to me;
    1. If my eyeball fell out in my bathroom it would be covered in fluff and cat hair, maybe I’d have to pop it in my mouth to clean it first (because rinsing under the tap just wouldn’t be that funny, and
    2. With one eyeball in back to front, I’d assumed I’d be on all fours feeling for the second eyeball as I’d be unable to see.
    There’s no logic to dreams though, otherwise the eyeballs would just be swinging from the optic nerves and blood vessels and much easier to relocate. In fact you’d probably still be able to see out of them so you’d have a strange view of your own face ….


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